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zaha hadid design expansive view across city viewFor many decade a hotel design always become a interesting topic to be discussed. From the green natural to future designed design, from simple to Read the rest of this entry »

Saganopak Two Storey Residence Village Concept

Living in village for some people can be much interested that have to struggle in the middle of traffic jam in urban city.Come up with the idea, this residence idea bring Read the rest of this entry »

Bamboo partition for massive villa building

Villa Tukad Pangi is not your average Bali villa. Sure, it’s stylish – it was featuredin the Brava Casa interior magazine. But unlike some of those Read the rest of this entry »

Open Roof dining area and lounge underneath the clear sky

Another exotic place in bali with secret garden concept combine to close to nature and wonderful Read the rest of this entry »

Shop Front Of Magnificent HitgalleryThe HITGallery stores capture the essence and spirit of Italy in wonderful Read the rest of this entry »

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